New Graphene Battery Research Could Lead to Better E-Bikes

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New Graphene Battery Research Could Lead to Better E-Bikes

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European researchers have developed a graphene battery with superior recharging capabilities over existing batteries using graphene, which could pave the way to better, more sustainable battery technology for e-bikes.

The research team found their new battery could be recharged as many as 50 times while retaining efficiency of 94 percent, which outperforms existing graphene-based cathodes, according to Bike Europe. Their method involved freeze-drying graphene ink into an aerogel which could then be used as the battery’s cathode.

The team used the same graphene ink to “print” patterns of electricity conducting material in storage devices like micro-supercapacitors, which kept approximately 75% of its performance even after 5,000 charge/discharge cycles, Bike Europe writes.

The team’s goal is to produce a rechargeable battery made of non-toxic graphene-based material as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to existing rechargeable battery technology.

Vittorio Pellegrini, the Graphene Flagship’s Work Package Leader for Energy Storage, told Bike Europe the team’s discovery could be a big leap forward to more eco-friendly battery technology.

“By demonstrating that an aqueous graphene-based bio-ink improves the performances of batteries and supercapacitors, this work provides a novel sustainable material solution to advance the field,” he said.

Photo by Tower Electric Bikes on Unsplash

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