Building Better Headphones with Graphene Technology

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Building Better Headphones with Graphene Technology

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A Canadian startup is exploring the use of graphene to take speaker technology a big leap forward, a move that could see the material used in new mainstream consumer applications.

Graphene’s lightness, as well as its extreme strength and conductivity make it an ideal material for technology like headphones or speakers, and Ora’s GrapheneQ headphones are taking full advantage.

GrapheneQ (GQ) is a material created by Ora, which is composed of more than 95 percent graphene. The company uses it to make the 40mm acoustic drivers for their headphones, according to The Engineer. GrapheneQ contains a high enough percentage of graphene to retain its unique properties while also being less expensive to produce and easier to shape than pure graphene. GQ is formed from thousands of layers of graphene flakes which are joined together using the company’s proprietary bonding agents. The resulting material is both lightweight and stiff, properties well-suited for speaker membranes.

The lightweight properties of GrapheneQ means moving the material requires a fraction of the energy compared to conventional materials. The company told The Engineer that it’s “observed up to a 70 per cent extension in the battery life of an audio dedicated device when doing physical A/B comparison measurements replacing a loudspeaker’s original membrane with a GrapheneQ cone.”

Photo by Alexunder Hess on Unsplash

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