Cycling Company Launches Graphene-Based Bicycle Chain Lube

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Cycling Company Launches Graphene-Based Bicycle Chain Lube

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AbsoluteBlack, a UK-based cycling brand, has launched a new graphene-based lube product for bicycle chains. The hydrocarbon lubricant contains graphene, and the company claims its product is more durable and longer-lasting than any similar product.

The company spent two years developing their Graphenlube product, which is toxic solvent-free, using a wax-based water emulsion that repels water better than existing chain lubes, the company says.

AbsoluteBlack claims one application of its product will keep a bicycle chain properly lubricated for up to 1,100 miles (1,800km) of riding. The company says the graphene has is naturally low in friction, and its unique properties allow it to fill in surface imperfections on the chain, allowing for a smoother ride for a longer period of time. The company says testing has found their lubricant save as much as seven watts of energy.

The product also takes advantage of graphene’s water and rust resistance, which limits a chain’s exposure to those friction-causing issues. 

To start cruising around on your bike with the friction-reducing power of graphene will cost you, however. A half-ounce bottle (14ml) will run about $15.

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