Graphene-Based Textiles Could Keep Wearers Cool in Hot Weather

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Graphene-Based Textiles Could Keep Wearers Cool in Hot Weather

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A team of scientists out of University of Manchester’s National Graphene Institute are demonstrating a prototype of graphene-enhanced clothing that would lower the body temperature of wearers in hot climates.

The technology takes advantage of graphene’s thermal properties and flexibility, integrating the material into textiles that can be made into clothing. The human body naturally radiates heat via electromagnetic waves in the infrared spectrum. By using infrared-transparent textiles like the ones the researchers developed, it’s possible to use the infrared radiation to reduce human body temperature.

Lead researcher Professor Coskun Kocabas told, “Ability to control the thermal radiation is a key necessity for several critical applications such as temperature management of the body in excessive temperature climates. Thermal blankets are a common example used for this purpose. However, maintaining these functionalities as the surroundings heats up or cools down has been an outstanding challenge.”

The hope is that the team’s development can be used in applications like interactive infrared displays and covert infrared communication on textiles, according to

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Chris Nesi

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