Concrene, Thomas Swan Partner to Mass Produce Graphene-Enhanced Concrete

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Concrene, Thomas Swan Partner to Mass Produce Graphene-Enhanced Concrete

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When it comes to global carbon emissions producers, concrete ranks among the worst offenders, solely responsible for as much as 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Chemical manufacturer Thomas Swan has announced a partnership with University of Exeter spin-off Concrene to produce graphene-enhanced concrete in the hopes of bringing a stronger, more eco-friendly concrete to market.

Core to the endeavor is Thomas Swan’s Graphene Nano Platelet (GNP) products, which have been tested in concrete and shown a strength improvement of more than 20% greater than traditional concrete. 

“We are delighted to be working with Concrene in this exciting partnership. With 8% of the World’s carbon emissions emanating from concrete production, this demonstrates a tangible commitment to our internal goal of achieving Carbon Net Zero by 2030, in addition to carefully expanding our focused application base. The team at Concrene will drive our GNP dispersion options in multiple regions, consolidating our position as a global volume manufacturer of graphene,” said Michael Edwards, Commercial Director of Advanced Materials at Thomas Swan.

Concrene said the partnership will catapult its product to the global construction market, which it hopes can address a number of concerns, including reduction of emissions resulting from concrete production as well as the national home building crisis in the UK.

Photo by Andrei Slobtsov on Unsplash

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