New Graphene-Enhanced Running Shoes, Tennis Racquet Introduced

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New Graphene-Enhanced Running Shoes, Tennis Racquet Introduced

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Graphene’s unique strength, lightness and durability properties have made it an attractive component in gear used by athletes looking to squeeze every possible drop of performance out of their athletic activities. Two new products geared towards marathon runners and tennis players continue graphene’s march into the world of sports equipment.

First is the just launched Inov-8 Terraultra G270 running shoe for distance runners and ultramarathoners. The “G” in G270 stands for graphene, which is molded into the shoe’s outsoles, giving them added durability, longevity, and grip. The Inov-8 bills itself as the first running shoe to feature graphene in its outsoles. Hardcore runners will pay dearly for these graphene-boosted shoes, however, which are priced at nearly $185.

Another sport where lightweight gear is prized is tennis, and Head’s newest addition to its Head Extreme series is the Head Graphene 360+. This racquet includes graphene placed “at strategic parts of the head and throat to optimize energy transfer into the shot,” according to Tennis.com

Whether it makes a difference in performance or not, athletic gear makers are definitely getting on the graphene bandwagon, especially in sports where lightweight design is highly sought after by competitors.

Photo by Guilherme Maggieri on Unsplash

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