Standard Graphene CEO Talks Past, Present, and Future of His Company

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Standard Graphene CEO Talks Past, Present, and Future of His Company

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In a recent interview with The Silicon Review, Joung-Hoon Lee, Founder and CEO of Standard Graphene, Inc. emphasized his company’s longstanding commitment to sustainability and human health.

The South Korean company started in the nanotechnology research field in 1996, and the company naturally pivoted to a focus on graphene once it was discovered in 2004. By 2009, Standard Graphene had built the world’s first mass production graphene plant. Over the years they’ve refined their process, and their product, to become one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality graphene.

Lee points out Standard Graphene’s commitment to quality helped it become the first graphene producer to qualify for certifications like the National Sanitation Foundation for water treatment materials and the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary, which lists the company’s graphene as a skincare ingredient.

“Similar to what other pioneers have gone through, we devoted tremendous time and resources to develop something that did not exist before,” Lee said. “Our goal wasn’t to make our research efficient; rather, it was to build a whole new technology that would change the world.”

The company’s recent efforts have focused on addressing the shortage of clean drinking water found on many parts of the globe, calling it “the fundamental human need.”

Lee notes that his company acting in a sustainable and socially responsible way is paramount to its mission, “our graphene products will always focus on improving the well-being of humans and society.” 

The company next plans to tackle aerospace, an area Lee has been fascinated with from a young age.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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