Orders for planarTech’s Reusable Graphene-Enhanced Facemask Top 150,000

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Orders for planarTech’s Reusable Graphene-Enhanced Facemask Top 150,000

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COVID-19 has been a global health event without a comparable precedent for over 100 years. Besides the obvious health hazards of the virus itself, however, is the parallel issue caused by people haphazardly disposing of their used facemasks. 

 “One of the things we’ve noticed during the COVID-19 pandemic is the tremendous waste and potential health hazards generated by disposable face masks, and we really strove to develop a novel product that offers the benefits of graphene but is also environmentally friendly with a health and safety aspect too,” said J Patrick Frantz, CEO and Founder of planarTech.  

Washable, reusable facemasks keep the countryside free of the potentially hazardous litter. By enhancing the masks with graphene, planarTech says their masks can be washed and reworn for longer than conventional facemasks that don’t contain graphene. This allows them to be washed and reworn multiple times.

“These new test results provide fantastic news, indicating that our graphene-enhanced face masks can be used for at least 4-5 months – assuming washing every 2-3 days – while still meeting the stated standards and without any reduction in performance,” says Frantz.

“We don’t think any other graphene mask on the market can make this claim.”

Since it first rolled out their graphene-enhanced facemasks in April, planarTech has now reached the milestone of more than 150,000 orders.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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