Payper Testing its Touchless, Graphene-Based Restaurant Payment System

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Payper Testing its Touchless, Graphene-Based Restaurant Payment System

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In the age of coronavirus, no-touch products and services are having a moment. UK-based startup Payper’s graphene-enhanced receipt paper allows customers to pay by simply placing their phone on a restaurant check. The process requires about 5 seconds, no touch, no fuss.

The company recently announced it’s trialing the technology at the 5-star Lowry Hotel River restaurant in Manchester.

Even outside of coronavirus-related concerns around touching, the company got the idea for its product after a study it conducted in which nearly 70% of restaurant goers cited paying as a frustrating experience while dining out. The company hopes its technology will gain a toe hole in the restaurant industry, benefiting both restaurants and their customers.

“After spending ten years on advanced material research, he saw a clear opportunity to use graphene to address this industry problem. We solved the issue of card terminal jams and downtime, allowing restaurants to run their operations more efficiently at a reduced cost, said Payper cofounder Renate Kalnina.

“Throughout development, we needed a way to manufacture graphene, which meant having a good understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of different techniques. We were able to formulate conductive inks that have sufficient characteristics to work with our antennas.

Once we had manufactured the graphene antenna rolls, we then built the necessary software to handle the payments. We are now in discussions with multiple restaurants who have expressed an interest in trialing the technology.”

Chris Nesi

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