First-Ever Graphene-Infused Denim Hits the Market

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First-Ever Graphene-Infused Denim Hits the Market

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We’ve seen graphene-infused athletic apparel, leather, and even bicycle tires, but this marks the first time denim has been infused with the wonder material. 

Advance Denim has launched Kyorene Graphene Denim, the very first denim fabric infused with graphene nanoparticles. Perhaps best of all, its application is done in a sustainable way with minimal environmental impact.

The addition of graphene to the material is said by the company to enhance it with properties that repel odor and static, and provide extra UV light protection for the wearer. The material is said to be better at cooling and insulating than standard denim, which should help keep the wearer warm or cool, depending on the atmospheric conditions.

Marx Ix, director of marketing, North America, for Advance Denim, expressed excitement about the development and product launch, calling Kyorene Graphene Denim “truly a future fiber.”

“As we learn more of the benefits of graphene, we feel [there will] truly be more exciting applications,” he said.

According to Graphene-info, the graphene source likely came out of a collaboration with Chinese supplier Shanghai Kyorene New Material Technology. This is based on not just the name, but also that the company showed off a flame-retardant graphene-based fabric during a major textiles event in Shanghai in 2017.

Photo by Uwe Jelting on Unsplash

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