Aussie Graphene Anode Producer Partners With European Battery Giant

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Aussie Graphene Anode Producer Partners With European Battery Giant

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European lithium-ion battery company Farasis has partnered with Australia-based battery graphene anode producer Talga to use its coated anodes in Farasis batteries, according to Graphene-info.

The partnership is intended in part to increase production of lithium-ion batteries, particularly for use in electric vehicles. Graphite is a major component needed to make lithium-ion batteries.

“Talga is making substantial progress in commercializing its European lithium-ion battery anode products,” said Talga Managing Director, Mark Thompson, “and demand is growing rapidly, particularly in the EV market.”

The increasing demand for electric vehicles means the need to build a better battery, capable of producing more power, increasing its number of recharge cycles and requiring less time to fully recharge. Graphite anodes are inferior to materials like silicon as a material for battery anodes, but silicon is not stable or integrated enough to keep up with the ever-increasing need for more lithium-ion batteries.

With graphite a key component of EV batteries, the ability to scale the market depends largely on a reliable source of quality graphite, precisely what Talga brings to the table. The partnership could be a shot in the arm for the EV market.

Photo by Danilo Alvesd on Unsplash

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