Smartmi Launches Waterproof Graphene Heater

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Smartmi Launches Waterproof Graphene Heater

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Just in time for the winter chill, Smartmi Technology has released its newest GR-H graphene heater. Smartmi is part of Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi, serving as its ecological arm.

The heater leverages graphene’s extremely high electric heat conversion rate, which is around 99%. This helps it produce more efficient heat than comparable models because it loses less warmth during use. It also uses a graphene coating on the surface of the heating element to improve heat dispersal. The company claims its heating rate is 60% higher than other heaters.

Smartmi’s graphene heater comes with an IPX4 waterproof rating, meaning it’s safe for use even in the bathroom. If water from the shower or bath should splash on it while in use, the internal circuit’s protective shell is designed to prevent any shocks or malfunction.

The use of graphene allows the heater to combine thermal convection and thermal radiation, which together produce heat quickly and evenly dispersed. 

The heater has three user-adjustable heat settings, and can be placed on the floor or wall-mounted. The Smartmi graphene heater is on sale now for around $120.

Chris Nesi

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