Graphene Layer Used as Shield to Protect Communication Systems

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Graphene Layer Used as Shield to Protect Communication Systems

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With so many disparate electronics systems operating across each other in today’s world, sometimes those systems cause unwanted interference. For example, a microwave’s electromagnetic radiation interfering with a WiFi network in the home.

A new research project between QUT Centre for Materials Science and Defence Science and Technology Group wants to develop a printable form of graphene that can be used to shield electronics from any interfering electromagnetic radiation.

The rise of smaller and smaller circuits for high-capacity computer systems have greatly enhanced their capabilities and usefulness, but they’re also more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation, which could impede their functionality, the research team says.

The team is investigating the viability of developing an inkjet printer system that will let them cover a circuit board with graphene film to prevent the intrusion of unwanted electromagnetic radiation, helping ensure undisturbed communication from the devices we rely on every day.

“The flexibility of inkjet printing will allow the design of multiple patterns and the superimposition of different layers to target a wide range of frequencies,” project lead Professor Nunzio Motta said.

The project is being funded by the Next Generation Technologies Fund, an initiative by the Australian Government to promote and fund next-gen technology development.

Photo by Gilles Rolland-Monnet on Unsplash

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