Graphene-X to Release Nearly Indestructible Graphene Pants

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Graphene-X to Release Nearly Indestructible Graphene Pants

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Following the 2019 release of its Graphene-X graphene-lined jacket, Graphene-X is doubling down on graphene-enhanced clothing with the Omega pants, which offer a number of enhancements over traditional pants.

The Omega pants have three layers of stretchable, waterproof fabric that regulate your body temperature while worn. This in theory means you could wear the Omega pants on a desert hike just as easily as through a snowy tundra. They’re also breathable, to ensure the pants retain enough body heat to keep you comfortable without getting too hot.

Omega pants have all the features you’ve come to expect for a graphene-enhanced garment. Its antimicrobial properties mean less frequent washings than your favorite pair of jeans, and its water-repellent coating will help keep stains or liquid spills at bay. They also come in a convertible version, which allows you to transform your Omega pants into Omega shorts with a few quick zippers. The Omega pants are loaded with zippered pockets and pouches to help ensure you’ll never be without your most needed daily carry items again.

The project was initially launched on Kickstarter, where it raised more than $330,000. These almost-indestructible pants can be yours for just $249.

Photo by Kilian Seiler on Unsplash

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