New Project Aims to Track Graphene Research Centers

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New Project Aims to Track Graphene Research Centers

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A new initiative funded in part by the European Union and the Government of Catalonia aims to establish an ecosystem of research centers specializing in studying graphene. The project, called GraphCAT, is aiming to establish the autonomous Spanish region as an international hub for graphene research and development.

GraphCAT will look to rally a like-minded community of international graphene researchers and businesses whose combined efforts will help move the ball forward on advanced graphene applications and technologies. The project will also support spin-off companies working towards the same goal.

This will be done through GraphCAT projects and helped along by members of the community. RIS3CAT, the Catalan regional research and development strategy. According to Graphene-Info, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona will participate in two of the proposed projects, Graph-SIM, to be directed by Electronic Engineering Department lecturer David Jiminez. Graph-SIM will concentrate its efforts on “creating a simulation environment for hybrid graphene-silicon CMOS integrated circuits, that will allow calculating the electrical behavior of the circuits (including DC, AC response, transient analysis, and noise analysis) with a result consistent with experimental measurements,” according to Graphene-Info.

The project will receive funding from the European Regional Development Funds.

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