Graphene Processing Industrial Grade Reactor Actualized by AIXTRON

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Graphene Processing Industrial Grade Reactor Actualized by AIXTRON

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According to Graphene Info, AIXTRON, a deposition equipment provider, has recently built and installed it’s graphene and hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) reactor as a part of the GIMMIK research project.

GIMMIK is a project with the goal of producing graphene layers at an industrial scale, while also spotting flaws in the produced graphene and designing ways to alleviate these mistakes. Additionally, it is intended to integrate graphene into electronic components to be tested upon.

GIMMICK could lead to more widespread access to better graphene and hBN infused electronics and could lead to more industrial applications for the materials.

Professor Dr. Michael Heuken, Vice President Corporate Research & Development of AIXTRON SE and Professor at RWTH Aachen University had the following to say:  “After installation and test of the new CVD system we have taken a decisive step forward in our GIMMIK project. Because we now have the specific system and thus the instrument with which we can start our work on developing of processes for the production of layers with the necessary wafer size and quality. This is extremely important for applications in the fast growing markets of microelectronics and sensor technology”, further implying for the possibilities of evolution within this market.

Photo by Håkon Grimstad on Unsplash

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