Researchers Analyze The Wettability of Graphene

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Researchers Analyze The Wettability of Graphene

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Researchers at the Center for Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics in the Institute for Basic Science in Seoul discovered the origin of graphene’s wettability. Wettability is the term used to describe how well a liquid can maintain contact with a solid. The property is essential for situations in which graphene is used in solutions and liquid-based technologies.

“This study is the first case describing the increasing hydrophobicity of the graphene surface at a molecular level depending on the number of graphene layers… Vibrational sum-frequency generation spectroscopy could be used as a versatile tool for understanding the properties of any functional two-dimensional materials.”

First and second authors of the study.

The team managed to observe the structure of hydrogen bonds as they touched the graphene, allowing them to study and analyze its wettability. The image above depicts the study and is sourced from the paper. For more information about the research, see this article by Graphene Info.

Image from Graphene Info

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