Graphene Ribbons Shrunk Further

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Graphene Ribbons Shrunk Further

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Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have fabricated graphene into the smallest known ribbon structures to date. This scalable method of fabrication can be integral for the development and production of next-gen telecommunication technologies.

The key features of the ribbon structures are their size, which is precisely 12 nanometers wide. The optimal goal for the width of future ribbon structures is 8-10 nanometers wide, as that is the point at which telecommunication wavelengths can be achieved.

With the technology still improving rapidly, it can be assumed that the researchers’ goals will be soon met, and further research regarding graphene’s potential as a vital ingredient in telecommunication equipment will be undergone.

For more information, see this article by Graphene Info

Image from University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alvin Leslie

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