Interview with James Baker, CEO of Graphene@manchester

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Interview with James Baker, CEO of Graphene@manchester

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Graphene-info recently did an interview with James Baker, the CEO of Graphene@manchester. Here’s the highlights.

Q: “It appears that graphene-enhanced construction materials are entering the final stage of verification, with real-world testing and implementation. How do you see the potential of such materials? What are the main benefits of graphene in this market?”

A: “Graphene enhanced concrete is still at the early stages of verification but with our partners Nationwide Engineering, we have developed a graphene enhanced admixture called ‘concretene’ which supports the main goal for stronger concrete but with reduced CO2 emissions.”

Q: “We have seen graphene-enhanced concrete, cement, and asphalt. What other applications do you see in the construction market?”

A: “In addition to concrete we have also supported our partners National Highways with a graphene-enhanced asphalt looking at reducing “pot-holes” on our road network. We are also working on anti-corrosion paints for crash barriers and buildings and in the future I see a trend driven by sustainability to look at using recycled materials, which with the addition of graphene have enhanced performance.”

Q: “In recent months, we have heard many announcements in the UK regarding graphene projects, in Manchester and elsewhere – from both companies and Universities. How important will graphene be for UK’s economy? Do you see this as a major avenue of development?”

A: “Graphene, after (just) 17 years is now entering a key phase and approaching a ‘tipping-point’ of commercialization with an increasing number of products and applications starting to enter the market. The investments in the NGI and GEIC at Manchester being a key catalyst for both the creation of new science but also involved in the industrialization and partnerships with industry to create value for Manchester and the UK.”

If you’re interested in reading or listening to the rest of the interview, Graphene-info has the interview available here.

Photo by Michal Czyz on Unsplash

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