Haydale Leads 9 Companies in an Expedition to Create Better Quality Food Packaging

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Haydale Leads 9 Companies in an Expedition to Create Better Quality Food Packaging

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Like it or not, plastic monolayer films are essential for food packaging in today’s society. However, they’re not the best at what they do. They’re not very recyclable, low quality, and are all around inefficient at their job. But fortunately, Haydale in addition to 9 others- BASF, Bangor University, Cambridge Nanomaterials Technologies, Dunbia, Fre-Energy, Parkside Flexibles, Recycling Technologies, and Wells Plastics, have made it their mission to vastly improve this fundamental material.

This project is predicted to last for 30 months, and will start March of 2022. The keys to their success in this mission are nanomaterials, and of course, graphene. The project (dubbed the HiBarFilm2 project) will use these materials to make the packaging more hydrophobic, or water-resistant, thus increasing the wrapped food’s shelf life. When it comes to recyclability, they plan to use polyolefin films and compostable plastics, which will not only not affect recyclability but further improve the performance of the film.

Haydale CEO Keith Broadbent on this project said that “Previous work as part of the HiBarFilm feasibility study demonstrated that Haydale’s plasma functionalized nanomaterials can be used to influence barrier performance in films. We are pleased to be leading the next stage project to further develop nanomaterial-enhanced coatings that will be a first in food contact applications, which could change the face of food packaging for the future and offer sustainable consumer solutions.”

Photo by Wander Fleur on Unsplash

Lana Thomas

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